Yellow Power

‘Mellow Yellow’

The bocaracá or eyelash viper is an exotic venomous pit viper that lives in Costa Rica. Its yellow color makes it one of the most striking and amazing vipers in the country. They live in trees, are nocturnal and feed on rodents and small frogs. The bocaracá is a silent, agile, fast, intelligent and powerful animal. All these characteristics are present in our 100% electric vehicle Bocaracá Yellow Power.

We want you to enjoy an exhilarating experience aboard this vehicle in an environmentally friendly way, so you can travel along the forests, beaches and volcanoes of Costa Rica without polluting the environment, yet with an extra dose of adrenaline.

Feel the Yellow Power when driving Bocaracá – Yellow Power

Good cause

Like EV2, Refugio Animal Costa Rica believes that education is the best tool to achieve a better social conscience in the world. This wildlife rescue center receives wild animals that suffer captivity or are electrocuted on uninsulated power lines.
The strongest conservation tool is ALWAYS to educate the next generations how to respect wildlife and the balance of nature.
When you rent our vehicle, 10% of your Green Circle Wheels rental fee will be donated to Refugio Animal Costa Rica.


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