“Go with the Slow”

Yes, sloths are an adorable part of Costa Rica’s natural wealth, but they are also remarkable and inspirational! We relate to them on many levels, for example:

They are known for their slow speed.
We often live our lives so fast that we forget to make time to enjoy what matters.

They are approximately 3 times stronger than the average person.
Strength is inside all of us (regardless of how we look) and it can be unlocked by believing in ourselves.

Some fungi found on sloths show antibacterial properties that have been proven effective against certain parasites and cancers.
Cancer affects people all over the world. We believe that nature holds many of the answers to finding a cure.

This is how SloLife was born and what it stands for: Slowing the pace of your life, enjoying what matters, and using your inner strength to fight for what is important!

Good cause

After two of our family members had to face a battle against breast cancer, finding a way to help other women do the same became near and dear to our hearts.

When you rent our SloLife vehicle, 10% of your Green Circle Wheels rental fee will be donated to the Anna Ross Foundation. This NGO is dedicated to fighting this disease by promoting awareness programs, early detection, and providing much-needed support to women who are facing cancer and their loved ones.


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