Follow your heart”

Bitzú is owned by Gioconda and Eric. Gioconda is an artist and a mother, and Eric is an engineer who has always loved nature.

We were among the first in Costa Rica to drive an electric car. Way back in 2016 we imported our first electric car directly from the USA.
Since then we enjoy the quiet, the comfort and the peace of mind of driving a vehicle that leaves only footprints and does not pollute.
We hope you enjoy Bitzu just like we do, and peacefully become part of nature in Costa Rica.

When you are not driving Bitzu, we will be using it to go to work, to drive our daughter to athletics games, carry paintings around, listen to music and dream a lot on the way to our vacation spots.

Good cause
Our grandfathers tell us that the rivers that cross our city used to be clean, that there even was a nearby lake where you could go to row and play.
The Rescate del Río Torres project wants that back, so everybody, and especially the children with the least resources, can have a nice place to be free and enjoy nature.
That’s why 10% of your rental fee will go towards this foundation.


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