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Rafiki Safari Lodge - Savegre
Check In:
Check Out: 1715817600
Price: $100
Nights: 3
Rafiki Safari Lodge was created by bringing luxury safari tents from South Africa, and a unique jungle feeling is guaranteed when you stay in one of them.
Selva Bananito - Puerto Viejo de Talamanca
Check In:
Check Out: 1715299200
Price: $300
Nights: 2
Jurgen built Selva Bananito lodge from waste wood contributing to protecting this unknown piece of rainforest on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica near La Amistad Biosphere Reserve. If you are a bird and nature lover, you’ll find yourself in paradise at Selva Bananito Lodge.
Lirio Lodge - Barra de Pacuare
Check In:
Check Out: 1715040000
Price: $200
Nights: 1
Lirio Lodge, far away from civilization and other tourists. There’s no WiFi or swimming pool, but you will not feel bored at this extraordinary place. We can guarantee you will enjoy a great night’s sleep in the middle of nature. Wake up when the jungle awakens for the best chance to spot animals. Early in the morning, before the heat sets in, most animals are busy scoring their breakfast for the day.
Hotel Ave del Paraiso - San José
Check In:
Check Out: 1715385600
Price: $400
Nights: 1
Ave del Paraiso is also within walking distance of the trendy neighborhood Barrio Escalante, home to many excellent restaurants to enjoy a nice dinner or a coffee. However, if you want to stay closer to home, cross the garden and enjoy a farm-to-table meal in Café Kracovia, managed by the sons of the hotel owners.

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