car Selvita - Electric Car
duration 10 nights
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Welcome to paradise!

Welcome to paradise!

Costa Rica is hot. Almost 30 percent of the country’s surface consists of protected jungle, one of the results of 40 years of consistent reforestation. In addition, Costa Rica abolished its army in 1948 and its energy supply has been 98% renewable for the past 6 years. The United Nations declared Costa Rica the ‘greenest country in the world’ in September 2019.

The Costa Rican jungle is teeming with wildlife. Your Green Circle Experience will offer you unrivalled opportunities to enjoy Costa Rica’s abundant flora and fauna wherever you go. Sloths, monkeys, crocodiles, toucans, turtles…..You can spot them anywhere and the Costa Rican nature is often very accessible. With or without a guide.

Costa Rica truly is a little paradise. And it is our responsibility to keep it that way. If you choose to book our Green Circle Experience, you choose to support that goal. But you also choose to live your dream in an unprecedented way.
Pura Vida!

Welcome to Costa Rica!

Dear Sarang & Lisa,

Your trip is now confirmed, let the fun begin!

On the map above and below this text, you can see the route and destinations. In and below the travel description, you will find the necessary additional information.

KLM 759 5:25 pm Upon your arrival at Juan Santa Maria Airport located in Alajuela, an official airport taxi driver will be waiting for you, holding a sign with your name. Just so you know, the airport arrival gate is usually crowded, so pay attention when looking for your name. The transfer to your hotel, Villas San Ignacio, will be provided in an electric taxi (the first in the country).

Nov 07th, at 8:00am A representative from Green Circle Wheels will meet with you in the front desk of Villas San Ignacio Hotel to check in the Selvita electric car. Your car should be fully charged at 100%, so please pay attention to all instructions. Make sure to receive your internet device and the card for recharging at public stations if needed.

Highly suggest downloading the following applications on your phone to support you during your trip: Waze or Google Maps for locations and route reports, as well as the PlugShare app to find charging stations in the country. Green signs indicate semi-fast chargers, while orange signs indicate fast chargers.

Please make sure to recharge the car every night if possible/necessary, and confirm is receiving a charge.

In case of assitance or emergency, please dont hasitate to contact
Jason Barahona (506) 83952773
Linda (506) 8886-7183

  • Carbon neutral travel in Costa Rica
  • Electric Rental Car
  • Full cover insurance
  • Free charging at all hotels with renewable energy
  • 24/7 support during your trip
  • Airport shuttle
  • 10 nights in sustainable ecolodges with breakfast
  • International flights
  • Travel & cancellation insurance

Alajuela - from 6 to 7 November 2023

Villa San Ignacio Deluxe room
attribute Breakfast

Alajuela - from 6 to 7 November 2023

Villa San Ignacio Deluxe room
attribute Breakfast

The first destination is Alajuela. Here you will start your journey in style at boutique hotel Villa San Ignacio. At the pool in the beautiful tropical garden, you can relax after the long flight. Order a delicious cocktail or some coffee and enjoy your first day in Costa Rica.

Our driver will wait for you at the airport for a 7 km / 4,5 miles drive to the hotel.

Tomorrow you will receive the rental car at the hotel. From the hotel it is not very far (1h) to the volcano Poás. Note: a visit to this active volcano has to be booked and paid for in advance. Buying a ticket on the spot is not possible. You can book a ticket through this website, you'll need your ID and a credit card. It is best to do this in advance with good internet connection. 

Villa San Ignacio
Phone: +506 2433 6316
Waze/Google Maps: Villa San Ignacio, Alajuela

Selvita - Electric Car - from 7 to 16 November 2023


Selvita - Electric Car - from 7 to 16 November 2023

To support Costa Rica's mission to become fully carbon neutral, you ll make the Green Circle Experience Tour in a fully electric SUV with a maximum range of 400 km. 
It is the BYD Yuan, a compact 5-door car suitable for 2 adults and 2 kids with stackable luggage (bags instead of suitcases). 
Pick up: Villas San Ignacio Hotel 8:00am

Drop off: Liberia international Airport 8:30am

- Insurance
- Free recharge with 100% renewable energy at the Green Circle hotels
- Air conditioning

In case of assistance or emergency contact:

Jason Barahona

(506) 83952773//


Sarapiqui - from 7 to 9 November 2023

Hacienda la Isla Superior room 
attribute Breakfast

Sarapiqui - from 7 to 9 November 2023

Hacienda la Isla Superior room 
attribute Breakfast

Today, you will receive the rental car at the hotel in Alajuela. You will drive along a beautiful route through the Braulio Carrillo National Park to your next destination, Sarapiquí. In recent years, this region has become increasingly popular with travelers looking for authentic Costa Rica, where mass tourism is not prevalent.

You will be staying at Hacienda La Isla, a stylish sustainable oasis of calm and the very friendly Belgian owner will give you a warm welcome. He loves to take you on a very interesting (and especially delicious!) cocoa tour on their own cocoa plantation. During the tour, you will be taken through the history and learn how chocolate is made. Tasting is of course necessary! If you want to taste even more culture, you can join an indigenous cooking class for dinner.

Lovers of frogs and birds will have a great time at the nearby Frog’s, Heaven. Also, at the hotel, you can go bird watching with a guide. As well, we recommend walking through the private jungle reserve of the Tirimbina nature reserve, or the Selva Verde biological center. At night, you can discover what lives in the jungle in the dark, accompanied by a guide from the hotel.

If you feel like more adventure, then you can go rafting (up to category 4) on the Sarapiquí river. There are also sections where you can take a quiet boat trip in search of howler monkeys and caimans.

Hacienda la Isla has its own electric charger, ask for it at front desk 

Hacienda La Isla
Phone: +506 2764 2576
Waze/Google Maps: Hacienda La Isla, 4, Heredia

Boca Tapada - from 9 to 11 November 2023

Maquenque Ecolodge Bungalow
attribute Breakfast

Boca Tapada - from 9 to 11 November 2023

Maquenque Ecolodge Bungalow
attribute Breakfast

Today you go deeper into nature. The drive to your next destination takes you via the small village of Pital through beautiful, varied landscapes and pineapple plantations. Make sure to stop in a small village along the way and take the time for a delicious cup of coffee and a chat with the Costa Ricans. Pital is also the last stop to withdraw cash and, if desired, buy snacks.

Upon your arrival at Maquenque Ecolodge parking lot, make sure to bring everything you need for your stay. There is a river between the parking lot and the hotel that requires a boat to cross. Afterward, ensure that you leave the car charging.

After you arrive at Maquenque Ecolodge you will hop on a boat that will drop you off at the other side of the river at the Ecolodge. Here you will be surrounded by lush nature and hospitality. 

The lodge is owned by the Artavia family, they are Costa Rican cattle farmers who gave their land back to nature. They aim to operate in synergy with nature and preserve the area for future generations. That is why we are proud to call them members of the Green Circle. 

The hotel is located in a wonderful area, and you are in the middle of lush green nature. The tours you can make around the lodge are beautiful. 

A guide will take you for a guided hike through the nature around the lodge. Optionally, book the early birding tour because Maquenque is a paradise for birdwatchers and nature lovers. The best known (and protected) inhabitants of the park are Great Green Macaws. But there are also many other animals that you can see during the jungle hike, during an optional evening walk, or boat trip on the river San Carlos close to Nicaragua.

Please take your time in and around the lodge. Take a dip in the pool or go kayaking on the lagoon. Be sure not to forget your binoculars, take a seat and look around. You’ll be amazed by all the birds, reptiles, mammals, and insects around you, this is nature in optima forma!

Maquenque Ecolodge
Telephone: +506 2479 8200
Waze/Google Maps: Maquenque Eco Lodge

Maquenque has a charging station with four ports. PLEASE be sure your car is getting charged

Arenal (La Fortuna) - from 11 to 13 November 2023

Roca Negra Bungalow

Arenal (La Fortuna) - from 11 to 13 November 2023

Roca Negra Bungalow

The next destination is la Fortuna. This village lies at the foot of Arenal, Costa Rica's most famous volcano. Although no lava has been seen for years, the destination still is a major attraction. 

In this beautiful region, there is a lot to do for lovers of nature and adventure. You can walk over suspension bridges through the rainforest. Or visit private nature park 1968 or Mirador El Silencio, where you can walk over solidified lava and through beautiful nature.

If you like more action, then La Fortuna is the right place for you. In the vicinity of the volcano you can kayak, zip line, and rappel. In the evening, you can relax in one of the several hot springs at the foot of the volcano. Visit for example Baldi or the smaller and more 'local' Relax Termalitas

Restaurant recommendations:
Red Frog Coffee Roasters
Cafetería y Restaurante Rain Forest Arenal
Soda la Hormiga
Kappa Sushi
Restaurante Café Mediterráneo

You will stay at Roca Negra del Arenal, just outside the lively village, with a swimming pool. Breakfast is not included, but can be ordered at the reception. 

Roca Negra 
Phone: +506 2479 9237
Waze/Google Maps: Hotel Roca Negra

There is not electric charger at Roca Negra, however in Fortuna Town there are several stations you can use, check plug share app.

Samara - from 13 to 16 November 2023

Villas Verdes Room with kitchen

Samara - from 13 to 16 November 2023

Villas Verdes Room with kitchen

Off to the beach! You're going to Samara: a small, cozy coastal village with a wide choice of hotels, restaurants and bars. You are staying in a nice room of Villas Verdes, the location is near the beach. In the room, you have access to a fully equipped kitchen. Breakfast is therefore not included, but can be booked at the property and in the village there are several restaurants and a small supermarket is around the corner.

Sámara is located in the province of Guanacaste, known to locals for its most beautiful beaches. The unique climate of this province, with a long dry and warm period from November to April and a more temperate season from May to October, has resulted in a specific flora and fauna such as the so-called 'tropical dry forests'.

The tranquil bay with its beautiful coral reef is a must for snorkeling enthusiasts. Of course, it invites you to relax, but you can also take a surf lesson or take a whale and dolphin tour. If you would like to see dozens of turtles coming ashore, you can do so at Playa Ostional (Aug-Nov) during the so-called phenomenon 'arribada'. The arrival of the turtles depends on the position of the moon.

On the day of departure you will drive to Liberia Airport. Here you will meet a representative of Green Circle Experience for the car rental check out. 

Safe travels, Pura Vida! 

Villas Verdes Samara Beach
Phone: +506 2201 9039
Waze/GoogleMaps: Villas Verdes, Guanacaste, Sámara

There is not electric charger at Villas Verdes, however just across the street you have access to a public station.

Safe Travel


Safe Travel

Since all members of the Green Circle Experience travel team live and work in Costa Rica, we are very well informed about the local situation. We speak Spanish, follow the news closely, and share all information relevant to travellers below. This page is kept up-to-date. Nevertheless, changes in the rules and regulations may occur. Remember to always check the official authorities for last-minute changes or relevant news prior to your departure.

Costa Rica has joined the list of safe destinations recognized by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). The WTTC evaluated the protocols developed by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) in collaboration with private sector representatives, granting the country the Safe Travels stamp.

The Safe Travels stamp serves as assurance for both national and international tourists, signifying that the destination adheres to health measures, enabling visitors to enjoy a secure experience. The protocols include guidelines for physical distancing, mask usage, establishment of social bubbles, hand hygiene, and more, contributing to the ongoing fight against the pandemic.

Having met the specified requirements, the WTTC has granted the use of the Safe Travels stamp under the category of “Public Health Authorities.” This allows Costa Rica to act as ambassadors and extend the stamp to Costa Rican businesses in the industry that also comply with the implemented protocols to date.


Read more about safe travel




The Green Circle Experience is organized by Edventure Travel S.A., a Costa Rican based touroperator established back in 2006. Edventure has started organizing its Green Circle, together with 5 outstanding hotels, in 2014. The Green Circle has gained importance rapidly and can now be regarded as ‘the most sustainable experience in the greenest country of the world’ (for those who decide to fly to Costa Rica)

INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTATION: All persons entering Costa Rica must carry a valid passport. It is the responsibility of the passenger to obtain all necessary passports, visas and tourist cards required for travel. Cancellation fees apply for cancellations due to incorrect documentation.

INSURANCE: Trip cancellation and/or interruption, baggage, and medical/accident insurance is highly recommended. Green Circle Experience will not be held responsible for any damage to luggage before, during or after the program.

DEPOSITS: A non-refundable deposit must be paid equal to 15% of the total agreed travel sum at the time of booking. The client will be notified if a supplier requires an additional deposit to confirm reservations. This applies especially during the peak holiday periods. The payment of the required deposit or any partial or full payment for a reservation shall constitute consent to the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Green Circle Experience

If your trip is confirmed within 6 weeks before the day of departure, the entire travel sum must be paid upfront.

FINAL PAYMENT: Final payment is due 60 days prior to departure. If not received the reservation may be canceled and the deposit forfeited.

FORM OF PAYMENT: Deposit may be made by Visa or Mastercard. Final payment by wire transfer or credit card. Wire transfer instructions will be sent separately. Form of payment is subject to change.

CHANGES: No change will be allowed 15 days or less prior to departure. Date changes will only be accepted 60 days prior. Certain supplier charges for changes may apply.

CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations requests must be received in writing by Green Circle Experience and the following fees apply in addition to any supplier charges for cancellation:

Upon receipt of deposit …………………..$250.00 per person
60-46 days prior to departure ………$350.00 per person
45-31 days prior to departure…………50% of trip price
30-0 days prior to departure……….…No refunds

Any changes or cancellations made after departure will be at the client’s expense.

In case of a cancellation, clients can expect only a partial refund (if made within the cancellation period) as Green Circle Experience collects a non-refundable deposit (according to date of cancellation and fee) plus any administrative fees and any prepayments made to third-party suppliers which we are not able to recover.

RESPONSIBILITY: Green Circle Experience acts solely as agents for the suppliers who have provide transportation, hotels, vehicles, equipment or other services arranged for clients. The suppliers are independent contractors. Green Circle Experience is not responsible for the willful or negligent acts and/or omissions of such suppliers or any carrier or their respective employees, agents, servants or representatives. All vouchers, receipts, and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by the suppliers and/or carriers. By utilizing the travel services of the suppliers, the client agrees that Green Circle Experience or any representative or employee of Green Circle Experience shall be liable for any loss to the client or those traveling with him/her. Nor shall Green Circle Experience be liable for any event beyond its control. Green Circle Experience cannot be responsible for losses or additional expenses due to delays or changes in air schedules or other causes.

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