When you choose to explore Costa Rica by booking a Green Circle Experience, your electric car rental Costa Rica will be a personalized, full electric car.

Our Green Circle will be charged with 100% renewable energy, free of charge, at Green Circle hotels and lodges. Each car has sufficient range to reach your next destination, just make sure your car is fully charged when you leave. Like our Green Circle Hotels, we also measure the carbon footprint of our Green Circle cars.

Green Circle cars are privately owned by Costa Rican locals, who are members of our electric car rental Costa Rica sharing platform Green Circle Wheels. The car owners are passionate about electric mobility in the greenest country in the world and keen to further promote electric mobility in Costa Rica and the region.
In addition, we think that sustainable transport is not just about diesel / gasoline versus full electric. It’s also about the use of a car. We feel that electric car rental Costa Rica sharing greatly contributes to more sustainable mobility.

As mentioned before, when you choose to book a Green Circle Experience, you become part of a community. A passionate group of people that is keeps on growing and is conscious about the fact that Costa Rica, a tiny country is a great one when it comes to biodiversity and natural resources. We want to take you on a journey, a journey to sustainability and to sustain these valuable treasures.

Last but not least, we want to share with you that 10% of your electric car rental Costa Rica fee will be used for two separate purposes. First of all, we will compensate for your carbon footprint and buy primary rainforest in your name. The remaining amount will be donated to the cause that is connected to your electric car. Each car owner has selected a cause for his or her car that relates to environmental or societal needs. You’ll read more about the different causes when you click on the individual cars from our electric car rental Costa Rica sharing platform below.

Explore Costa Rica in the most beautiful and sustainable cars in the country and ask for availability in the form below.

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