Villa San Ignacio - Alajuela

Villa San Ignacio - Alajuela

Your Green Circle Experience is slowly coming to an end and your final destination is Alajuela. There is no better way to end your journey in style than staying in the boutique hotel Villa San Ignacio.

Your hotel
Villa San Ignacio is a charming boutique hotel with spacious rooms, a nice restaurant, a pool, and a beautiful tropical garden. Everything is there to let you relax during your last day in Costa Rica and before stepping on the plane home.

The airport is only 7 km / 4,5 miles from the hotel. So leave your car in the car park and hand in the car keys at the reception desk, and a taxi shuttle will take you to the airport.



Explore the area
If there’s time to explore the area still, then these outings are highly recommended:

  • Visit a coffee factory
  • Join a chocolate tour
  • Head to the Volcano Poás