Tenorio Lodge - Bijagua

Tenorio Lodge - Bijagua

Your next destination is Bijagua, a small town nestled in a lush volcanic valley. The village is the perfect stop-over to visit the Rio Celeste River and Tenorio National Park. According to a local legend, the Rio Celeste became so blue after God painted the sky blue and washed his brushes in the river. The scientific explanation for the bright blue is the minerals sulfate and calcium carbonate.

Your hotel
In Bijagua, you will spend the night at Tenorio Lodge in a stylish bungalow. Nearby you’ll find a large jacuzzi with stunning views of the volcano to relax in after your day trip adventures. The owners of the lodge, Frank and Christine, offer great culinary delights to their guests. The lodge’s restaurant is famous for its delicious French fusion cuisine.


The pair is genuinely committed to the local community of Bijagua and minimizing their impact on the beautiful surroundings. The lodge is small scale, all bungalows have been purposely designed for minimal visual impact, and extensive water, energy, and waste management systems are put in place.

Explore the area

  • Visit Tenorio National Park on your own and hike to the Rio Celeste waterfall. Upstream the blue color of the river becomes more intense.
  • Walk over suspension bridges in the rainforest or river tubing in Rio Corobici, where you will encounter monkeys and iguanas.
  • Explore the charming town of Bijagua and try the local specialty, tilapia, for dinner.
  • We recommend visiting Frogs Heaven, a small-scale and local project where Uncle Miguel will show you the most beautiful frogs!