Rancho Margot - El Castillo

Rancho Margot - El Castillo

The village of El Castillo is nestled at the foot of Costa Rica’s most famous volcano, the Arenal. You will stay at Rancho Margot, a beautiful, fully self-sustaining estate at the end of the road. The founders of the Green Circle, Renee and Ed, got married here. That same day, the first seed was sown for the Green Circle, back in 2012. In fact, it took two more years to really get started.

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CNN has elected Juan Sostheim’s Rancho Margot as one of the most sustainable destinations in Costa Rica. Stay in a comfortable room in a lush green garden and relax in the natural pool at Rancho Margot. The ranch is entirely self-sufficient and carbon-negative. And that is a very positive thing!



The complementary ranch tour will no doubt inspire and amaze you. By managing the ranch in a sustainable and self-sufficient way, Rancho Margot wants to ensure future generations can enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica. Their efforts also include educating children about the value of preservation, conservation, and environmental impact. This unique place will leave an unforgettable impression.

All food served at Rancho Margot is locally produced at the farm, and even the soap is made on-site. Want to experience farm life? Give a hand with milking the cows, collecting the eggs, picking herbs, or learning how to make natural soap.

Explore the area

  • La Fortuna is a tourist hot spot with many restaurants, bars, and shops.
  • Because of the volcanic activity, there are several hot springs in the area. Most of them are managed by luxurious hotels. They turned the hot springs into lush green gardens with several pools, waterfalls, slides, and space to relax and enjoy the surroundings. The most famous hot springs are Baldi and Tabacon. However, if you prefer a more intimate experience, Ecotermales is the better option.
  • Visit the Arenal volcano national park and walk on lava.
  • Book a horseback riding tour to awaken your inner cowboy.
  • Up for some adventure? Book a canopy tour and explore the jungle from above.