Rafiki Safari Lodge - Savegre

Rafiki Safari Lodge - Savegre

Drive uphill deeper into nature to encounter another slice of paradise. Rafiki Safari Lodge is a sustainable safari tent camp in the middle of the jungle that offers various adventure tours. The Boshoff family, owners of the hotel and originally from South Africa, are highly committed to preserving the pristine nature surrounding the lodge. Therefore, sustainability was necessary to maintain its existence in the Savegre Valley. Starting with a raw piece of forest and overgrown cattle pastures, the Boshoff family had to find ways to survive in the wilderness and create the comforts necessary to host guests.

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Rafiki Safari Lodge was created by bringing luxury safari tents from South Africa, and a unique jungle feeling is guaranteed when you stay in one of them. A hydroelectric system not only powers the lodge but also provides water for the waterslide, the hot tub, and the pool. The water comes from a mountain stream and is returned to the river without chemicals.


To minimize their environmental impact, the tents are not permanent structures. Instead, they are naturally climate controlled and have low-energy light bulbs. The lodge is constructed from a thatch in the forest called Suita.
Because the lodge is so remote, all meals are included. In the evening, you can enjoy a traditional braai, which is a South African BBQ. Your stay here will be an unforgettable experience and blends Costa Rican nature conservation with African hospitality!

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You will stay two nights at this lodge.

  • One activity is included in your stay. You can choose between rafting, horseback riding, and a waterfall hike.