Maquenque Eco Lodge - Boca Tapada

Maquenque Eco Lodge - Boca Tapada

Head deeper into nature. On your way to your final destination near Boca Tapada, you will pass the small village of Pital, surrounded by pineapple plantations. To get to the Maquenque Eco Lodge, you must hop on a boat to cross the river. Getting there is part of the adventure. You will arrive in a peaceful oasis amid overwhelming lush nature.
Upon arrival, it is hard to believe that this place actually exists. Soon you will understand why it was Maquenque Ecolodge who was one of the founders of the Green Circle back in 2014.

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The Artavia family, a close-knit Costa Rican family, and their six children are dedicating their lives to sustainable tourism. The parents used to be Costa Rican cattle farmers convinced by their children to give their land back to nature. They aim to synergize with nature and preserve the area for future generations.


By staying in the Maquenque Eco Lodge, you contribute to the social and environmental development of Boca Tapada.
Immerse yourself in Boca Tapada’s nature. Boca Tapada is a small village situated in the Maquenque National Wildlife Refuge. The protected area stretches from the river Sarapiquí in the south to the border with Nicaragua in the north. It is a true natural paradise.

Sleeping in one of their gorgeous tree houses will make your Green Circle Experience unique and unforgettable!

Explore the area

  • Book a birdwatching tour, a relaxing boat trip to Rio San Juan and Rio San Carlos, or explore the jungle in the dark. Their private reserve is abundant with local fauna and flora.
  • Did you know the elusive Harpy eagle visited their property in July 2022? It was the first sighting in Costa Rica since 2017! Great Green Macaws are the park’s best-known (and protected) inhabitants.
  • Want to know more about sustainable farming in Costa Rica? During the ‘Finca Don Eduardo’ tour, Mr. Eduardo will show you how they grow local produce in an environmentally friendly way. Learn how to make ‘Jugo de caña’ (Sugarcane juice) with a traditional Trapiche and enjoy this refreshing drink.
  • The lodge offers kayaks free of charge to explore the surrounding waters.

Whatever you choose, keep your camera and binoculars at hand for some excellent bird watching!