Congo Bongo Eco Lodge - Manzanillo

Congo Bongo Eco Lodge - Manzanillo

Your next destination leads you to a true paradise in the jungle! Located on the southern Caribbean coast, Manzanillo is a peaceful village at the end of the road and renowned for some of the most beautiful unspoiled beaches in the country.
The area is also known for its great cultural diversity of Latinos, Bribri, and Cabecar Indians. The Afro-Caribbean culture came with the Jamaicans in 1872 when the railroad between San José and the port of Limon was built.

Your hotel
In a tropical bungalow, you will spend the night in the middle of the jungle at Congo Bongo Eco Lodges. Owners Daan and Marisol are running the lodge together with their daughter Masai. Daan designed and built all the bungalows by himself and a dedicated team of workers, using only recycled wood from his property. His wife, Marisol is great at repurposing plastic materials; you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see when walking from your bungalow to the beach.


Explore the area

  • Deserted beaches and a gorgeous viewpoint are just around the corner for a relaxing day in the sun. An excellent way to explore those beaches is by renting a bicycle. You can enjoy a fresh coconut or take a dip in the ocean on the road. If you get hungry, head to Puerto Viejo, where you will find cozy restaurants, beach bars, and colorful boutiques.
  • Get into the rhythm and chat with the locals while reggae and calypso music is playing in the background in bright-colored houses and restaurants. Do remember the locals’ first language is often English around here.
  • Book a tour at the Jaguar Rescue Center if you want to know more about the efforts to help the local wildlife.
  • Want to taste those delicious flavors at home? Then, take a Caribbean cooking class.
  • Book a day tour or stay overnight at the Bribri Indians for more inside information about the indigenous culture.
  • And last but not least: visit Cahuita National Park. It is one of the best places to hike and snorkel, only a 40-minute drive away.

Good to know

  • Meals are not included, but you have a fully equipped kitchen and a barbecue at your disposal and great restaurants around the corner.