Casitas Tenorio - Bijagua

Casitas Tenorio - Bijagua

Your next destination is Bijagua, a small village near the river Rio Celeste and Tenorio National Park. The Rio Celeste owes its name to the intense blue colour of its water, caused by the minerals sulphate and calcium carbonate. However, the local legend goes that the river became so blue after God painted the sky blue and washed his brushes in the river.

Tenorio is a dormant volcano that last erupted in 1902. The area around the valley is beautiful and from the higher parts you can see Lake Nicaragua on a clear day. In Bijagua you will stay in B&B Casitas Tenorio and Farm, run by the friendly Australian/Costarican couple, Pippa and Donald. Their stylishly designed cottages are surrounded by nature.


During breakfast toucans regularly visit. Would you like to know how they make the delicious cheese, then you can help to milk the cows. With a guide you can also hike in their own nature reserve in search of the tapir!

Visit Tenorio National Park on your own and hike to the Rio Celeste waterfall. Upstream the blue color of the river becomes more intense. You can also walk over suspension bridges in the rainforest or make a so-called floating trip on the river Corobici where you will encounter monkeys, crocodiles and iguanas. We can recommend a visit to Frogs Paradise to lovers of frogs. A small-scale and local project where Uncle Miguel will show you the most beautiful frogs!