Your Green Circle Experience

How do I know the Green Circle member hotels are sustainable?

All member hotels agreed on a carbon footprint audit. Their efforts in sustainability are monitored and evaluated.

Can I stay in another hotel?

If the hotel is a Green Circle Member hotel on your itinerary and has availability a change in the program is possible (min. 2 months in advance).

Can I travel longer than the 2 weeks tour?

Yes you can. All electric vehicles are part of a 2-weeks tour and subject to availability. We do however help you organize your stay and vehicles for a longer stay in Costa Rica.

Do you also organize my activities and tours?

We will be delighted to help you with suggestions for activities and tours.

Can I choose a good cause to support?

Yes, you can. Both you and the Green Circle Wheels car owner have a 50% vote in the designation of the support. Let us know your choice at the end of your tour.
List of approved Green Circle Experience projects.

Your Green Circle Car

What if my car has a problem?

You can contact us in an emergency at any time. If it is a technical problem that cannot be solved right away, we make sure you get another Green Circle car. If all our electric cars are rented out, we will provide a regular gasoline car.  A full-insurance is included.

Can I buy a car and become a member of Green Circle Wheels?

Yes, you can. Check out all information about our car-sharing platform and requirements on Green Circle Wheels.

Can I use the car’s cell phone as a Wifi hotspot?

Yes, you can.

Is navigation included?

We advise you to use Waze on your cell phone(included in your rental car).

How long can I drive with an electric car?

You can drive at least 350 km / 217 miles. Distances between the hotels in your itinerary will always be shorter so you don’t need to charge in between.

Where do I charge the car?

All Green Circle Member hotels have a charging station, so you can always leave your hotel with a full battery. Furthermore, the network of public chargers in Costa Rica is rapidly expanding. You can use a cell phone app to locate charger stations.

Do I have to bring my own car seat / baby seat?

We have some availability, but please do contact us to check if we have enough.

Other questions?

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, or drop us an email directly via:

We speak English, Dutch and Spanish.