Hotel Grano de Oro – San José

Hotel Grano de Oro, a founding father of the Green Circle, is a sustainable oasis in the hectic city of San Jose. You’ll go back in time when staying in this gorgeous colonial building. The hotel was the family home of one of the most renowned entrepreneurial families in Costa Rica. More than 30 years ago, Eldon and Lori, a Canadian couple, bought the property and turned it into the upscale boutique hotel it is today.

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Grano de Oro sets an example in sustainable water, waste, and energy management. They are also actively involved in the local community as founders of “Casa Luz,” a social project supporting single mothers to become more independent. Casa Luz’s support for the young women they work with continues as the women enter adulthood so they can each build a better future.

Explore the area
The city center is the historical and cultural heart of Costa Rica. Discover historic buildings such as the Teatro Nacional (1928) and the National Post Office (1917).
A visit to the colorful ‘Mercado Central’ with its vegetables, tropical fruits, and coffee is a must-see if you want to experience the Tico culture.
Soak up the local charm at the organic ‘Feria Verde’ on a Saturday morning. Nearby, San Jose’s Barrio Escalante, which has developed into a vibrant restaurant area during the past few years, is perfect for a night out.
Explore the city center on your own or take a free city tour departing daily from the Teatro Nacional at 10 am.

Good to know
The airport transfer is included in your stay. Tipping is not customary.
Upon arrival, you can withdraw money (Colones and USD are accepted everywhere in Costa Rica) at the ATM in the baggage reclaim area.

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