Hacienda la Isla – Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui

Hacienda la Isla is the place where the Green Circle became a reality back in 2014. Based on the Golden Circle from Simon Sinek, 5 leading hotels and tour operator ‘Edventure’ decided to challenge the status quo in sustainable tourism. Hacienda La Isla is tucked away in a lush piece of rainforest not too far from the main road. The lodge boasts colonial grandeur and warm and welcoming hospitality in breathtaking nature.

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Jean-Pierre, the owner, is an anthropologist and an expert on Costa Rica’s culture and pre-colonial history. Hacienda la Isla is a stylish, sustainable oasis of calm in a private reserve in Sarapiquí and one of the first Green Circle Hotels. Sarapiquí has become more popular with travelers looking for an authentic experience away from the crowds.

Walk around the lodge and discover many historical artifacts and reflections of his passion. Jean Pierre’s extensive involvement in the local community helps him ensure the area and its rich history, nature, and resources will be preserved for future generations. Listen to the sounds of tropical birds and tiny colorful frogs while hiking the hotel’s trails and take a dip in a lovely pool surrounded by the greenest jungle.

Explore the area

  • Indigenous tribes already lived in this region over 600 years ago. Burial sites, stone sculptures, and petroglyphs picturing animal and human features or geometric designs dot the area.
  • People in Mesoamerica started making cacao drinks as far back as 2000 BC. By allowing its guests to book a chocolate tour to discover the importance of cacao for the indigenous people, the lodge wants to keep history alive. During this time, you will learn about the history and how chocolate is made. Tasting is, of course, the best part! If you want to indulge more in the culture, join an indigenous cooking class for dinner.
  • Don’t miss out on bird watching or exploring the jungle at night with a local guide.
  • Looking for more nature walks? Although many plantations (pineapple, sugar cane, plants) dominate the landscape, the Sarapiquí area is famous for its nature conservation efforts with many private reserves and protected areas. As a result, there is no shortage of trails and plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife.
  • In for some adrenaline-packed action? Sarapiquí is the perfect place for a great rafting adventure in a lush jungle teeming with wildlife. Most rapids are class II-III. Also, beginners can soak up the white water in the gorgeous scenery.

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