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Group Gateway makes it happen! Group Gateway Experience is our flagship tour. This incredible journey is suitable for 4 or even 5 adults. Our Group Gateway (BYD Tang) is a spacious 7-seater that comfortably fits 5 adults and their luggage.

Group Gateway Group Gateway Experience reflects the history and the essence of the Green Circle. You will visit almost all original collaborators of this unique concept and their hotels/lodges, and enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica every single day. This Getaway will take you from coast to coast, from the beautiful Caribbean through the little visited northern jungles, and the famous cloud forest, down to the Gulf of Nicoya where you will end your trip on an idyllic and remote tropical island paradise where you can see the extraordinary phenomenon of bioluminescent algae that light up the ocean at night.

Your Green Circle The price mentioned for this tour is based on 4 adults traveling in high season. If you intend to make this trip with a different number of people or during low or top season, it will be our pleasure to send you an adjusted travel quotation.

Grano de Oro Entrance
Hotel Grano de Oro
Number of Nights: 1
Location: San José
Hotel Grano de Oro, a founding father of the Green Circle, is a sustainable oasis in the hectic city of San Jose. You’ll go back in time when staying in this gorgeous colonial building. The hotel was the family home of one of the most renowned entrepreneurial families in Costa Rica. More than 30 years ago, Eldon and Lori, a Canadian couple, bought the property and turned it into the upscale boutique hotel it is today. Your Hotel Grano de Oro sets an example in sustainable water, waste, and energy management. They are also actively involved in the local community as founders of “Casa Luz,” a social project supporting single mothers to become more independent. Casa Luz’s support for the young women they work with continues as the women enter adulthood so they can each build a better future.
Tree House
Number of Nights: 2
Location: Costa Caribe
On to the South Caribbean coast, where you’ll find the true meaning of Costa Rica’s Pura Vida; get ready for a few days of ultimate relaxation in Punta Uva! This region’s inhabitants are Latinos, Indians, and Afro-Caribbean Creoles. The vibe is relaxed. Reggae and calypso rhythms fill the little streets and colorful houses. Your hotel You are staying in Costa Rica Tree House Lodge, a unique destination near the beach where you’ll find six hand-built, sustainable houses that sparkle with creativity. Owner Edsart has a sharp eye for attractive color combinations and is a master in architectural design and repurposing. Don’t be surprised to find an old American school bus in the jungle, now a comfortable family suite.
Selva Bananito
Number of Nights: 3
Location: Caribean Jungle
Selva Bananito is located on the Caribbean side of the country. It’s a 45-minute drive to the lodge in the heart of the Caribbean jungle from the small town of Bananito. This gigantic 1200 ha lush green rainforest barely escaped deforestation in the ’90s. However, thanks to the determination of Jurgen Stein, the German owner of Selva Bananito lodge, the area has been saved and protected. Your hotel Jurgen built Selva Bananito lodge from waste wood contributing to protecting this unknown piece of rainforest on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica near La Amistad Biosphere Reserve. If you are a bird and nature lover, you’ll find yourself in paradise at Selva Bananito Lodge. While learning more about nature conservation, you will be pampered with great food and refreshing drinks. Then, join the other guests for a relaxing and delicious candlelight dinner with locally sourced food.
Hacienda La Isla (Sarapiquí)
Number of Nights: 2
Location: Caribean Jungle
Hacienda la Isla is the place where the Green Circle became a reality back in 2014. Based on the Golden Circle from Simon Sinek, 5 leading hotels and tour operator ‘Edventure’ decided to challenge the status quo in sustainable tourism. Hacienda La Isla is tucked away in a lush piece of rainforest not too far from the main road. The lodge boasts colonial grandeur and warm and welcoming hospitality in breathtaking nature. Your hotel Jean-Pierre, the owner, is an anthropologist and an expert on Costa Rica’s culture and pre-colonial history. Hacienda la Isla is a stylish, sustainable oasis of calm in a private reserve in Sarapiquí and one of the first Green Circle Hotels. Sarapiquí has become more popular with travelers looking for an authentic experience away from the crowds.
Number of Nights: 2
Location: River Forest
Head deeper into nature. On your way to your final destination near Boca Tapada, you will pass the small village of Pital, surrounded by pineapple plantations. To get to the Maquenque Eco Lodge, you must hop on a boat to cross the river. Getting there is part of the adventure. You will arrive in a peaceful oasis amid overwhelming lush nature. Upon arrival, it is hard to believe that this place actually exists. Soon you will understand why it was Maquenque Ecolodge who was one of the founders of the Green Circle back in 2014. Your hotel The Artavia family, a close-knit Costa Rican family, and their six children are dedicating their lives to sustainable tourism. The parents used to be Costa Rican cattle farmers convinced by their children to give their land back to nature. They aim to synergize with nature and preserve the area for future generations.
Rancho Margot
Number of Nights: 1
Location: Alajuela
The village of El Castillo is nestled at the foot of Costa Rica’s most famous volcano, the Arenal. You will stay at Rancho Margot, a beautiful, fully self-sustaining estate at the end of the road. The founders of the Green Circle, Renee and Ed, got married here. That same day, the first seed was sown for the Green Circle, back in 2012. In fact, it took two more years to really get started. Your hotel CNN has elected Juan Sostheim’s Rancho Margot as one of the most sustainable destinations in Costa Rica. Stay in a comfortable room in a lush green garden and relax in the natural pool at Rancho Margot. The ranch is entirely self-sufficient and carbon-negative. And that is a very positive thing!
Number of Nights: 2
Location: Cloud Forest
Hotel Belmar - Monteverde The mountains of Monteverde, world-famous for its unique cloud forest. Located at 1400 m altitude Monteverde is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Monteverde was founded in 1951 by the Quakers, a Protestant religious group from Alabama (USA). They started raising dairy cows and created Costa Rica’s best Monteverde cheese. In addition, the Quakers have been champions in nature conservation. Their commitment to preserving half of their property resulted in today’s protected cloud forest. Your hotel You will stay at the elegant Hotel Belmar. Since the hotel was founded in the 1980s, the family Belmar has been well aware of the environmental impact, and social commitment that running a hotel entails. To balance this, they have always been involved in various projects of ecological conservation and social welfare, which have contributed to the integral development of the local community.
Chiquita 25
Isla Chiquita
Number of Nights: 1
Location: San José
Isla Chiquita - Jesusita Island, Gulf of Nicoya The small Jesusita Island lies in Costa Rica’s picturesque Gulf of Nicoya. You can embark on an adventure by land and sea; bioluminescence expeditions, birdwatching, forest bathing hikes, snorkeling excursions, and island hopping. Your hotel Your accommodations at Hotel Isla Chiquita blend the adventure and eco-friendly appeal of a camping holiday with the comforts and amenities of a traditional hotel. Isla Chiquita elevates the glamping experience with premium tent accommodations featuring plush bedding, organic bath products, and lounging decks with gorgeous ocean or tropical forest views.