Carbon Footprint

Is the Green Circle Experience really sustainable? Good question. Of course, it is much more sustainable to stay home. But when you’ve set your eyes on travelling to the greenest country in the world to get inspired and to inspire those around you, you might decide to accept this challenge without leaving a big carbon footprint.

The Green Circle strives to become recognized as the most sustainable experience in the greenest country in the world. We achieve this goal doing the following.

Minimizing your environmental impact.

A tour through Costa Rica consists of places to visit and the way you organize your transport. Green Circle hotels have proven to be incredibly sustainable. Each in its own way. Some have numerous certifications while others prefer to maintain a lower profile and just live their (sustainable) dream.

Various magazines, newspapers and tv programs have reported on the Green Circle Experience and the carbon footprint already, including National Geographic Traveller. But the best way to make this claim transparent, is by measuring the carbon footprint of your trip. That’s why we have developed a Green Circle Carbon Footprint Calculator, to measure the unique footprint of each individual trip.

The carbon footprint of each hotel in this calculator is determined via the Greenhouse Gas protocol, an international standard. Transport is the second aspect to consider. Our car rental company Green Circle Wheels is the only provider of electric cars in Costa Rica. At the same time, it’s a unique carsharing platform. The (intensive) usage of a good contributes heavily to the sustainability of that good. Of course, the carbon footprint the cars will be measured as well.

Offsetting your carbon footprint

We have minimized your carbon footprint, but as long as we cannot send you home with a negative carbon footprint, we will compensate your impact. In return, you will become the owner of primary rain forest (in your name) here in Costa Rica. You will go back home with a suitcase full of memories and the knowledge that you have become part of true sustainable concept here in Costa Rica.

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