The Green Circle Experience is organized by Edventure Travel S.A., a Costa Rican based touroperator established back in 2006. Edventure has started organizing its Green Circle, together with 5 outstanding hotels, in 2014. The Green Circle has gained importance rapidly and can now be regarded as ‘the most sustainable experience in the greenest country of the world’ (for those who decide to fly to Costa Rica

Travel conditions

When you confirm your trip with Edventure Travel, a deposit must be paid equal to 15% of the total agreed travel sum and which amounts to at least US $ 100 per traveler, unless stated otherwise in the quotation from Edventure Travel. In the case of domestic flights booked by Edventure Travel, a payment of 100% of this amount will be charged on top of the 15% deposit.
Edventure Travel must receive the remainder of the travel sum no later than six weeks before the day of departure (in the case you have arranged your own transport, before the arrival date of your first accomodation booked by Edventure Travel).
When payments are delayed, the traveler is in default. He is informed by Edventure Travel by telephone and / or in by email and then still can pay  the outstanding amount within 7 working days. If payment is not forthcoming then the travel confirmation is being canceled on the day of default. Edventure Travel has the right to charge cancellation costs.
If your trip is confirmed within 6 weeks before the day of departure, the entire travel sum must be paid immediately.

Adjustments to your trip
Also after your trip is confirmed, you can request changes. Up to 28 days before departure these changes will be made, if possible, and in that case confirmed in writing by Edventure Travel. This is subject to the condition that the traveler complies with the revised fare in accordance with the settlement of the payment conditions and after deduction of the funds already paid. Edventure Travel charges a US $ 30 adjustment fee per reservation.

Travel documents
The necessary travel documents will be emailed to you before departure or handed over to you personally by an employee of Edventure Travel during your ‘meet & greet’ in your first hotel.

If a trip is canceled, cancellation fees apply. For cancellations of trips with regards to own – transport journeys, the following conditions apply:
In case of hotel accommodations and rental car:
A. Cancellation up to 42 days before the day of arrival: 15% of the travel sum;
B. Cancellation from the 42nd day (inclusive) until the 28th day before the day of arrival: 30% of the travel sum;
C. Cancellation from the 28th day (inclusive) until the 7th day before the day of arrival: 60% of the travel sum;
D. Cancellation from the 7th day (inclusive) until the day of arrival; 75% of the travel sum;
E. In case of cancellation on the day of arrival or later: the full travel sum.
When cancelling your trip, Edventure Travel will refund the surplus amount paid after deducting reservation costs (US $ 30 p.p.).

Travel and cancellation insurance
The traveler is responsible for having a proper cancellation insurance and travel insurance.

Changes in reservation/quotation
The travel quotation of Edventure Travel is valid for the hotels and car types mentioned in that same quotation. Should Edventure Travel not be able to book this hotel or car type at the time of confirming the trip to the traveler, a similar alternative hotel and / or rental car will be sought in close consultation with the traveler.