Safe Travel


Safe Travel

Did you book a trip to Costa Rica or are you considering to travel here (post) pandemic? International travel to Costa Rica is very well possible! In fact, all restrictions were lifted on 1 April, 2022, which makes travelling here very easy. On this page you can find everything you need to know about travel to Costa Rica in post pandemic times.
Since all members of the Green Circle Experience travel team live and work in Costa Rica, we are very well informed about the local situation. We speak Spanish, follow the news closely, and share all information relevant to travellers below. This page is kept up-to-date. Nevertheless, changes in the rules and regulations may occur. Remember to always check the official authorities for last-minute changes or relevant news prior to your departure.

Costa Rica has the World Travels & Tourism Council’s Safe Travel Seal
Tourism is the largest industry in Costa Rica. Everyone who works in this sector (think of hotels, tour operators, restaurants, transporters, etc.) is bound by protocols that are imposed and monitored by the government. You can rest assured that everything has been done to ensure that travellers travel as safely and carefree as possible!
This has also been confirmed by the World Travels & Tourism Council. They recognize Costa Rica as a safe destination. The WTTC has evaluated the health and safety protocols imposed by the Costa Rican Ministry of Tourism. Costa Rica as a country has been awarded the Safe Travels label.

All you need to know to prepare for your travels to Costa Rica
If you want to travel to Costa Rica in times of (post)corona, read the following information:

You DO NOT need:

  • A negative corona test
  • Proof of vaccination
  • Quarantine on arrival
  • Corona insurance
  • Filling out a health form

You DO need:
To travel to Costa Rica you only need a valid passport and proof that you will leave the country within 90 days. You can prove this with your flight ticket for the return (or onward) journey. It’s that simple!

We recommend you to check the travel advice of your home country before travelling to Costa Rica.

Make sure you are familiar with the current travel advise for Costa Rica. Please check the website of your home government for more info. Keep in mind that your home country may have rules for travelers, such as self-isolation after returning home. You may also need to do a negative PCR-test or Antigen-test in Costa Rica before departing for your final destination. If you travel with us, we’d be happy to help you with all these arrangements.

What if you get infected with the corona virus in Costa Rica?
If during your vacation in Costa Rica you suspect you have contracted COVID-19 and are showing symptoms, you should call the local telephone number 1322. This is the official number of the authorities, and you should follow their advice.
If indeed you are infected with the corona virus during your vacation in Costa Rica, you are required to self-isolate for 7 days. In any case, you cannot leave the country until your isolation has passed. The refusal or early termination of the insulation is fined.
The Costa Rican health system is among the best health systems in the region. Costa Ricans are insured through the national health care system and use government clinics, hospitals, etc. There are also several private hospitals.

Do you have any questions?
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We provide 24/7 telephone support to our travelers in Costa Rica and we respond swiftly to any email or booking form you will send us. We live and work in Costa Rica so we are never far away as soon as you have arrived and we are informed about any type of recent information you might require.
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