We are "The most sustainable experience in the Greenest Country in the World."

+20 Years of experience and the best Concierge Services in Costa Rica

With over 20 years of experience our team of experts is not only devoted to conservation, sustainability and hospitality but also deeply inlove with Costa Rica. 

We want you to feel at home, travel, explore, discover, enjoy and relax.  Costa Rica found in sustainable tourism a way to preserve and share the wonders of nature. 

Either by renting our luxury electric fleet or by staying in our curated selections of Hotels and Ecolodges. Green Circle Experience is here to provide you with the greatest experience of your life.

Our Team

Meet the experts in charge of your confort and experience

Ed Smit


Born and raised in the Netherlands, Ed Smit is an expert in biological control of pests and food security. After arriving in Costa Rica over 20 years ago. Ed fell in love with the “Greenest country in the World” founding Edventure and Green Circle Experience. 
Also, a chairman of Eatthis and JungleTalks Ed knows the importance of Sustainable Tourism as a way to spread the world to preserve the planet. 

Eric Orlich


Eric Orlich is a Chemical engineer, and a Social psychologist with a Masters’s degree in group psychology. For well over a decade Eric has been involved with sustainable energy projects, more specifically with solar panel installations and solutions.  
As the Presidente of ASOMOVE in Costa Rica is one of the leading experts in the world in electric mobility. As Director of Green Circle Experience Eric goal is to provide our visitors with a near 0 Carbon emissions travel inside Costa Rica

Gerardo Venegas

Marketing and Experiences

Gerardo began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22 by founding  Paradise Products Costa Rica. As a way to provide Costa Rican producers with a way to sell their products worldwide. 
Since then, Gerardo has endeavored to promote Costa Rica, its culture, and its people globally. With years of experience in creating content for tourism, travel, and gastronomy, he has joined forces with Ed and Eric at Green Circle Experience to offer our clients the most remarkable experiences of their lives.

Ernet Minnema

Biologist and Experiences

Originally from Holland, embarked on a journey far beyond the borders of his overpopulated and pancake-flat homeland. Armed with a degree in Wildlife Management, he set out to explore the world, dedicating the next 15 years to research and conservation education in tropical regions. His unwavering fascination with forests led him to focus on the lush greenery of the tropics.

Born into an adventurous family, Ernest’s upbringing encouraged exploration. His extensive travels spanned the globe, from the Amazon rainforest to the vibrant landscapes of South East Asia.

Caleb Martinez

Operational Assistant

Industrial Engineering student oh his fifth year at the University of Costa Rica. Experienced in leading projects for diverse companies, I excel in teamwork, problem-solving, and communication.

Outside academics, Caleb is also a licensed private pilot and enjoy maintaining an active lifestyle.

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Your travel concierges in Costa Rica.

Green Circle Experience is a modern and conscious tour operator and car rental service. We introduce you to the most sustainable experience in the world’s greenest country. We are your guides, allies, and friends from the moment you start planning your trip to Costa Rica.

We are here to assist you every step of the way, allowing you to explore, discover and be mesmeraize by the striking beauty of this lush country flora, fauna and culture.

This is not your usual team… The Green Circle is more like a community, an eco-system. Of course, we have a professional team in Costa Rica you can contact for any question you might have. Which trip, which Green Circle Experience suits you best? Or do you prefer a tailormade Experience with 

But we are just a link in the Green Circle chain. The owners of the Green Circle Wheels cars are dedicated. All of them. They designed their cars together with Maite Salinas and they have chosen the cause connected to their car.

Most of the Green Circle hotel owners have been with the Green Circle for much longer. They are dedicated to the cause. To become known as ‘’The most sustainable experience in the greenest country of the world’’.

And finally, you can become part of the Green Circle yourself. We need inspiration, criticism, comments, suggestion. If we can make our claim come true, we have created an incredible benchmark. Let’s do it!

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