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Green Circle Experience:

This is not your usual travel concept, but a truly sustainable and 0 emissions exploration of Costa Rica. We strive to build a growing community of purpose-driven hotel owners, local electric car owners, and conscious travelers who want to visit ‘The Greenest Country in the World’ in an inspiring and responsible way.

Welcome to the Green Circle Experience a different way to travel and discover.

  1. Unique Destinations we will take you to off-the-beaten-track destinations for an unforgettable experience.
  2. Enjoy your stay at comfortable and sustainable boutique hotels committed to eco-friendly practices.
  3. Our passionate hotel owners offer personalized services and share their extensive local knowledge about the local flora, fauna, indigenous traditions, and specialty dishes.
  4. In addition, you will travel across Costa Rica in our electric vehicles, and 3% of the earnings will be donated to various charities.

Experience the land of ‘Pura Vida’ with all your senses and make your travel to Costa Rica sustainable and memorable with The Green Circle.

The best destination for conscious travelers.

Costa Rica’s Biodiversity: Costa Rica is a true biodiversity hotspot, home to more than half a million species, which is about 6% of the estimated species on Earth.

Travel in Costa Rica is done sustainably in a personalized electric car. This minimizes the traveler’s carbon footprint, and any remainder is offset by purchasing rainforest in Costa Rica.

10% of every car income is donated to a different charity or foundation. Every car owner chooses it based on their goals and convictions. Every mile you travel helps a foundation to achieve their goals. 

More about us.

The most sustainable experience in the greenest country in the world.

The Green Circle is more than a team, it’s a community and a ecosystem. We have a professional team in Costa Rica that can answer any questions you might have about your trips and experiences.

The owners of the Green Circle Wheels cars are dedicated to the cause. They designed their cars with Maite Salinas and chose a cause connected to their car.

The Green Circle hotel owners have been with the Green Circle for a long time. They are dedicated to becoming known as ‘The most sustainable experience in the greenest country in the world’.

Green Circle hotels are inspiring and sustainable. You will feel right at home. Green Circle hotels and lodges are not part of any chain. Each hotel invests in measuring its carbon footprint, a direct sign of the strong bond they have with the Green Circle and Costa Rica Sustainable travel. Purpose, sincerity and inspiration will be found at each place you visit.

All Green Circle cars are privately owned and make part of the non-profit car sharing platform Green Circle Wheels. Each Green Circle car is fully electric and has ample minimum range, enabling you to comfortably travel from one hotel to the other. In each hotel you charge your car for free with renewable energy. 10% of your rental fee will be donated to the cause connected to your car.

Check some of our self drive itineraries and circuits. Discover Costa Rica, enjoy the unique locations, discover the beauty of the “Greenest Country on hearth” travel in 100% electric vehicles with peace of mind in a true 0 carbon emissions journey. Or feel free to book you own custom tours.

Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint of each single hotel and all transportation has been measured allowing us to measure your total footprint from the moment you arrive in Costa Rica until the day you will leave. It is the best way for Costa Rica Sustainable travel. We will compensate your carbon footprint by making you the owner of a piece of primary rainforest that reflects your environmental impact.