The most sustainable experience
in the greenest country of the world
Costa Rica Sustainable travel

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Welcome to the Green Circle Experience

Welcome to the Green Circle Experience

Once you decide on Costa Rica as your next travel destination and you choose The Green Circle you’ll experience the land of Pura Vida with all your senses. We strive to offer you an unforgettable Costa Rica sustainable travel experience that brings you to unique, often off the beaten track destinations where you’ll stay at comfortable, sustainable boutique hotels.

The passionate hotel owners do their utmost to offer you personalized services and share their extensive local knowledge with you, ranging from the flora and fauna found at hotel grounds and beyond, local indigenous traditions, specialty dishes and much more to make Costa Rica sustainable travel possible.

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Costa Rica is a true biodiversity hot spot, it is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet and here you’ll find more than half a million species, equal to about 5% of the estimated species on Earth. No doubt you’ll spot tucans, sloths, crocodiles, monkey’s or even green macaws during your Costa Rica sustainable travel.

You will travel sustainably in Costa Rica in your personalized electric car. In this way we strive to minimize your carbon foot print while traveling what remains will be compensated by buying rainforest in Costa Rica. Your electric car is part of the local platform Green Circle Wheels. Costa Rican car owners put their beautifully wrapped cars on this platform to promote electric mobility in Costa Rica and Central America, but also to support various local causes.

The Green Circle Experience is not your usual travel concept it is a Costa Rica Sustainable travel concept. To us Costa Rica’s natural beauty represents the country’s true value. We wholeheartedly strive to build an ever growing community of purpose driven hotel owners, local electric car owners and conscious travelers who want to visit ‘The Greenest Country in the World’ in an inspiring and responsible way. Costa Rica sustainable travel is the future. 

‘’The most sustainable experience in the greenest country of the world’’

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Green Circle hotels are inspiring and sustainable. You will feel right at home. Green Circle hotels and lodges are not part of any chain. Each hotel invests in measuring its carbon footprint, a direct sign of the strong bond they have with the Green Circle and Costa Rica Sustainable travel. Purpose, sincerity and inspiration will be found at each place you visit.


All Green Circle cars are privately owned and make part of the non-profit car sharing platform Green Circle Wheels. Each Green Circle car is fully electric and has ample minimum range, enabling you to comfortably travel from one hotel to the other. In each hotel you charge your car for free with renewable energy. 10% of your rental fee will be donated to the cause connected to your car.


The carbon footprint of each single hotel and all transportation has been measured allowing us to measure your total footprint from the moment you arrive in Costa Rica until the day you will leave. It is the best way for Costa Rica Sustainable travel. We will compensate your carbon footprint by making you the owner of a piece of primary rainforest that reflects your environmental impact.